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Benevity Donations Fund CIMI Programs

In 2019, CIMI received a total donation of $6,957.82 through Benevity. This allowed us to serve 190 members from 38 families in San Jose, California. Large portion of the funds ($4,000) was donated to the Washington School PTA in April 2019. Significant percentage of students at Washington School qualify for free or reduced-price meals and other programs designed to serve low income students.

Coding and Robotics Workshop

CIMI sponsored and hosted a series of half-day Coding and Robotics Workshop for middle school girls. The girls built robots using the kits from VEX IQ. These kits are designed to provide girls with fun, engaging, and hands-on experience of building robots from scratch. It naturally encourages teamwork, problem solving, and leadership while they learn about science, technology, engineering, and math.

The girls learned under the tutelage of Silicon Valley tech workers who volunteered over several weekends. These volunteers from diverse backgrounds also served as a bright beacon for these girls who ordinarily do not interact with technology professionals. The workshops served as a catalyst to encourage girls to learn about and pursue studies in technology. At the end of the workshop one girl said, “At first I really did not want to learn anything about technology, but now I know technology is fun to do. Thanks to CIMI, I like technology.”

Help Expand Coding and Robotics Program in 2020

We will be able to expand the Coding and Robotics Workshop in 2020 with your donation. This year, 10 girls participated in the Coding and Robotics Workshop over five weekends in August, October, and November. Next year, we would like to offer this workshop on a regular schedule by securing a space and hiring a tutor.


From May through November, girls and their mothers gathered at the Brenda Lopez Plaza in San Jose to walk at 7:00 a.m. Having an exercise buddy builds accountability towards fitness goal. This program is designed to encourage girls and their mothers to begin regular exercise. About 30 families have been participating in this for the last three years. They have progressed from no exercise to regular exercise! We look forward to the participants increasing their fitness to begin running.

Back to School Drive

CIMI hosted a Back to School Drive for students in the San Jose area. Backpacks donated by Silicon Valley Education Foundation were filled with essential school supplies such as pens, highlighters, calculators, and more. Volunteers stuffed the backpacks for the students and also prepared special duffle bags for the teachers. Teachers often spend their own money on classroom supplies. These duffle bags consisted of copy papers, scissors, Clorox wipes, and binders. Students delighted in presenting the duffle bags to their favorite teachers. Your donation will allow us to serve more students and teachers next year.

Sponsor-A-Family Holiday Drive

CIMI served 190 family members from 38 families in San Jose California through the Holiday Family Drive in 2018. Donors reviewed the family profile list and selected a family to sponsor, then chose a gift from the wishlist through Roonga. Total donations received through Roonga was $8,215.26. CIMI also received matching donations from Apple through Benevity in the amount of $6,957.82 because the sponsors submitted their Roonga receipts. These matching donations enabled CIMI to deliver the above programs.

Thank you for choosing to support our community through CIMI. CIMI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our federal tax ID is 47-3216860. To learn more about CIMI, visit

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