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Partnering with local charities, country-wide track and field organization, and sponsors, the inaugural 5k women’s race in Nicaragua was a success. Since then, CIMI has hosted other 5k running events for women in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 in Nicaragua and the US.


Our sponsor Tourist Police enabled CIMI to have our event at a beautiful tourist location in Managua Puerto Salvador Allende for free.


CIMI established two additional programs through generous donations in 2016:  

(1) An integrated program for people with disabilities called Road to Progress. This is an educational program for young women who need individualized attention. The program works to seamlessly integrate these young women into the society by giving them social and living skillsets that they need to be more independent.

(2) A mentoring and running program with Washington Elementary School in San Jose, California. This is a highly diverse school where students are primarily Hispanics. We met with over 60 parents to develop this program in February 2016. This program successfully hosted its first 5K walk-a-thon in June with 27 families participating. Participants were provided with running shoes and outfits throughout the fall program. In the same year, on December 5th, we completed our second 5k walk/run race and acknowledged all our participants by presenting them with CIMI’s medals and shirts to show them each step forward is a triumph. Another successful effort in 2016 was CIMI’s Holiday gift and family matching program at Washington School.


March 2017 was a busy time for CIMI with two 5K races.


On March 4th, the 5th annual CIMI Nicaragua 5k race took place in Nicaragua. There were over 600 pre-registered runners and walkers. Plus, several hundred more people showed up on the race day to run. 70% of the participants were women and 34% men. The oldest woman was 64 and the youngest was 8 years old. Every participant received a winner’s medal, a runner’s bag and a big hug at the finish line from Aracely, the founder!


On March 18th , CIMI hosted another 5k race with Washington Elementary School called San Jose Virtual CIMI 5K.


CIMI hosted another 5k race in San Jose California in December 2017.


In 2017, CIMI started an initiative in partnership with Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California to introduce technology to girls from families with economic hardship. The Design_Code_Build boot camp at the Computer History Museum provided girls in grades 6 through 8 with an opportunity to participate in engaging hands-on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) learning opportunities. The girls loved the boot camp their interest in coding and programming increased by 80%.


CIMI sponsored 10 girls from underserved community to participate in the Girl Powered VEX Robotics Workshop at the Google Event Center. These girls learned about designing, building, and programming robots in a sold-out event that drew 550 participants. The girls gained team building and problem-solving experience. They competed with other middle and high school girls at the end of the two-day girls only workshop.

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