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Coding, Volleyball, Computer Basics, & Gas Gift Cards

August 2022

The CIMI girls and their moms had a busy schedule this summer!





2 ½ hours Instructor-led coding camp via Zoom

Beach Volleyball Camp

Volleyball Skills Camp

Meet in person - Coding Camp for girls and Basic Computer Skills for moms


The girls in the CIMI coding program were motivated to upgrade their volleyball skills. Volleyball is a popular team sport in middle schools and it is a competitive sport. Many who try out for the sport don’t make the school team. CIMI sponsored the girls in the summer coding camp to attend a volleyball camp twice a week.

Volleyball taught me a lot, for example communicating, making friends, practicing my hits and throws in volleyball. This will help me to get on the volleyball team at my school faster and to do exercise. I don’t have a favorite part in beach volleyball and normal volleyball, they were all fun to do.

Thanks to CIMI for putting us in a volley bootcamps. We had fun all together and had memories and made new friends. -Fernanda

I love sports and I always want to try new ones whenever I can. But the one I liked since the beginning was volleyball. I was already playing volleyball at school but it was not enough. Thanks to CIMI I was able to learn more, get feedback on my performance, and get used to it again. I learned how to spike and do the overhand serve. It was hard at first but I kept trying. What I enjoyed the most was the activities we did during beach and indoor volleyball because we combined everything we learned and put it to the test. Also we were able to see how the professionals play it. Thanks to these volleyball classes I was able to remember the moves I used to do. It will be amazing that we have the chance to do volleyball again or a different sport. -Amy

Dear CIMI,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try out volleyball. Without your help this summer would have been boring. Because of your helpI’ll be going into this school year learning more stuff about volleyball which will help me a lot for tryouts. I’m glad that I did volleyball this summer because now I have new friends. I also learned a lot of new skills which I’ll be using. Thank you CIMI for giving me this opportunity to try out volleyball because without this my summer would not be the same. -Perla Leon

Coding and Robotics Camp

The weekly Coding Camp was focused on completing the SWIFT module. All the girls completed this class in July and graduated with As and Bs. Congratulations! Special thanks to Josh who led the weekly class every Tuesdays 3:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

These girls will be starting the Python module

in November.

In addition to coding, CIMI organized a Robotics workshop on August 6, 2022 led by Kamille. There were 6 girls who participated.


This past year I learned a lot about coding. I’ve also learned to make an app which was built out of variables, functions, and conditionals. This took me a year to learn which is pretty impressive since it has been such a small amount of time. I know this is a really good program since I learned so fast. I know this will help me in the future. Maybe someday I could also have a job thanks to it. -Kiara Garcia

Good afternoon my name is Fernanda and I’m one of the girls that are in coding classes.

We started with 13 girls at the beginning of the first module. Since there were a lot of us at the time, we helped each other and built a robot at the end of the first module .

There were 7 girls left at the second module. Again we helped each other finish the second module.

The third module didn’t have as many girls in the beginning, but we still worked hard and had fun together. There were 5 girls and I was one of them. It took me a while to understand the third module (swift), but with some teamwork we finished our last module. Coding was a bit hard and when I started the third module. I kept getting behind everyone and I always got confused, but with some help from my classmates and teachers I got an idea of how it works but I still have problems typing the code to make the character move.


hank you CIMI for providing coding classes for us. I appreciate all the teachers – Ms.Brenda, Ms.Ivonne, and Josh. They have helped me a lot. -Fernanda

Coding Experience

At the beginning I did not know anything about coding – how it worked, why it worked that way, and the structure it is coded in. But when I started coding I started to learn different things like getting to know how the computer works and its language.

I made some mistakes on the way but when I analyzed it I was able to figure it out, sometimes it was because I spelled something wrong or because I missed a part of code or put the wrong word of code.

Scratch was easy but when we started with Swift I felt that the real challenge had come. And I was right. But, with every class I learned new things and how they worked. We even made our own virtual assistant app. That was another challenge because we had to change the code we had already done and add new things or replace some parts of the code.

Overall I loved coding because I was able to make some code and test how it might work if someone was actually using it. Now that I will be entering 8th grade it might come in handy to use my coding for some classes I have at my school. Like Game design, robotics, and multimedia and in these classes some code is needed. -Amy

Hydraulic Claw Project

This project is made for plumbing water through multiple tubes all ink at once. In real life this is called a control panel. There are many different ways but I chose the water one. This robot is connected to things that go way back in the past to be used in the future. From this, I learned never to give up. It really challenged me to not give up because at first I had no idea what this was. I’m glad I didn’t because this turned out amazing and I learned a new robot. I'm happy to show off my new robot to the world! -Perla Leon

Project Experience (Desktop Cork Board)

Today, each of us got our own kit at random. We had around 2 hours to build it. I got the kit to make a desktop cork board.

I used washi tape, paint, brushes, wood easel, wood stand, wood push pins, word balloon notes, masking stickers, fabric strip, cork piece, sticky foam, and tape hinge.

The first steps were easy like putting the tape to make the design, painting, painting the wood push pins even though I poked myself. The trickiest part was putting the wood easel and the wood stand together because I had to put half of the tape hinge on the wood stand. It took me a while to figure it out but I figured out how to do it by using the line that divided the tape hinge. Later it was to put the sticky foam on the other end of the fabric piece after it was put through the hole.

At the end it came out good. I did my own design of paint and worked on it by myself. This cork board will help me to remind me of the events coming up. I learned that some things are harder than the others and that not everything will come out on the first try. Also I learned how to use a cork board to help me remind me of things and how to build the structure of the cork board with a few simple materials. -Amy

Computer Training for Moms

Once a month, while the girls met in person at the Camden Community Center to work on their assignments, their moms got to learn basic computer skills.

For those who work in the tech industry, it’s easy to forget that basic computer skills can be an impediment to those who did not grow up with technology. The basic computer skills were taught in a friendly, hands-on session led by a CIMI board member Kamille.

Moms also participated on a morning walk and learned injury prevention tips from our board Member president Aracely.

Huge “thanks” to our Volunteers: Rosario Jiminez, Paty Lozano, Tania Brito, Janeth Garcia and Maria Villicana. They are our core volunteers, helping organize all CIMI events.

Here’s what the moms said:

Today I had my first computer class, and I learned how to create a new email account, how to add my emails to my contacts and how to learn and turn off a computer. thanks for the class. -Janeth Garcia

Hey! I learned how to use the computer. I learned how to turn off a computer, how to program my calendar, how to create new emails and how to add new contacts.

Today I learned how to have a better posture and I also learned how to write and put dates, days, and miles walked per week on Strava and send to Rosario and how you use google doc thanks to Camille for teaching us this is something new for me I hope to learn more thanks. -Maria Villicana

Good afternoon,

Today on this beautiful day I learned many wonderful things.!!! For example, how to have a correct posture for the benefit of our back, Thanks to Mrs. Aracely!!! Also how to use the spreadsheet, to keep track of my walks, thus making our leader Rosario's work easier. With the help of our teacher Camille.!!!! -Patricia Lozano

8/4/2022 Strava class

Dear CIMI,

I appreciate what I learned today:

  1. Posture to improve our body and avoid future back and knee pain.

  2. Enter and be able to observe in the strava application everything we do to be able to support Rosario by making a summary in the excel application of the miles, time and days; as well as by means of some codes to add the time we walk; Camille taught me two ways to do time additions.

  3. Send mail either monthly or weekly to Rosario to support her.

Thank you Camille for your time, you make it very easy to learn. -Tanya Brito

Today I learned how to work in google docs, and also how to work in excel to record my walks and how to add up all the miles.

On my walk I learned how to have a good posture. Thanks to teacher Kamille Shan and Mrs. Aracely for their time and support in these classes. -Janeth Garcia

The result of the most recent training? The moms created their own recipes using a Google Docs template! They now know how to create a document, edit the content and add photos as well as sharing the document with different access levels.

Recipes from CIMI Moms

COCKTAIL FRUIT recipe comes from Rosario.

CHILAYO ESTILO JALISCO recipe comes from Tania.

PAN DE SANAORIA recipe comes from Maria.

FRESAS CON CREMA recipe comes from Janeth.

Gasoline Gift Cards

CIMI gave gasoline gift cards to families to fight inflation. Families who participated in the CIMI Walking Program and recorded their walks on Strava were eligible to receive this. In order to qualify, they must have been present on the July 30th event32 families received gas cards.

Mrs. Aracely Thank you very much 🙏 🙏🙏 For the Great Help ♥️ What have you given us.!!! With the Gasoline Cards 💕 And The Coffee Cup 😉.!! And a thousand thanks 🙏 for your nice words 💓 .!!! What Made Me Feel Very Happy 🥰.!!! Thanks To My Beautiful CIMI Team, EVERYTHING Went Out Very Nice.!! “GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER” -Patricia Lozano

CIMI, Inc.

P.O. Box 1743, Los Gatos, CA, 95031

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