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CIMI 2023 Kickoff Event

March 2023

This March, CIMI launched the 2023 Run/Walk event! Families came together on the morning of March 4th to kickoff the event. Families confirmed their registration for CIMI, and got their pick of colorful headbands adorned with the CIMI logo.

Families received a raffle ticket, and started on the traditional morning walk surrounding the perimeter of Brenda Lopez Plaza. As the families walked, the organizers of the event set up bagels, pan dulce, champurrado, coffee, and prepared for the raffle. The families were were awarded water bottles, and other raffle prizes. Present were also the original six Girls Who Code. In 2023, they will graduate from the coding program having learned Python.

View the slideshow to see pictures from the event!

Rules of the program

This year, CIMI has implemented new rules for activity tracking to indicate membership. As part of the kickoff event, families received help setting up their Strava accounts and the organizers went over the rules of the program. Families are encouraged to log a minimum of 20 minutes of walking or running activity, three times a week. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Priority 1: Log minimum activity (as described above) for 50-52 weeks in 2023

  • Priority 2: Log minimum activity for 40-49 weeks

  • Priority 3: Log minimum activity for 30-38 weeks

  • Priority 4: Log minimum activity for <30 weeks

Activity tracking for membership will help CIMI set a priority for give-aways (especially for our 2023 holiday event). The families were excited to learn the new rules, and kept the organizers on their toes with engaging questions.

Question: What if we travel outside of the country?

Answer: You can still log activity outside of the country because your Strava should still be active.

Question: Can we log 60 minutes once a week for that week to be counted?

Answer: Logging activity once a week (even 60 minutes of activity) is great exercise for you, but in order for that week to count, you must have logged a minimum of 20 minutes, 3 times a week.

CEO Aracely Areas announcing the rules of the program

What’s in Store in 2023?

CIMI is excited to announce exciting programs in 2023! The next installment of Girls Who Code launched on February 25th. We introduced two new instructors to the program: Soliana Seyoum and Krishna Dave. Soliana and Krishna work as software engineers and are helping take our Girls Who Code program to a new level!

Here is a glimpse of other program initiatives in 2023: A 0-5K program will launch providing families the opportunity to run their first 5k! We will continue our program teaching moms computer basics and our volleyball summer program to encourage our CIMI youth to pursue sporting activities at school. Now that CIMI’s mission has grown, we will also have website revamp and rebranding to encompass the education endeavors that CIMI is tackling. 2023 here we come!

CIMI, Inc.

P.O. Box 1743, Los Gatos, CA, 95031

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