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CIMI COVID-19 Run/Walk

Promoting Stress Relief and Health for CIMI Families

-- June 24, 2020

CIMI’s Run/Walk program promotes health and lowers stress for the participants. Lowering stress is important, more than ever, during the COVID-19 pandemic where we are steeped in uncertainty and anxiety in our daily lives.

In the past years, the participants gathered at the Brenda Lopez Plaza on Saturday mornings at 7:00 a.m. to walk laps around the park. The group event promoted accountability and camaraderie. Since we are not allowed to have gatherings during COVID-19, the program has evolved to be a virtual challenge where every participant walks on their own, then reports their activity online.

This virtual challenge has an incentive for the participants. If a family completes one month of walking/running three days a week they will receive a prize from CIMI. Mothers received cooling towels as a prize and kids got gaiter masks.

Participants earned points based on their activities. Points are accrued by going out for a run or a walk 3-times per week or more, filling out the report with pictures, inviting others to participate, and posting their walks on Facebook. The top 5 families earned over 200 points each and logged over 100 miles each during the first three weeks of June. Most of the time participants reported feeling very good, energized, and wonderfully happy. At times the weather was very hot, but the participants felt energized, relaxed, and motivated.

The Run/Walk program runs from May through November.

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