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CIMI 2020 Back-to-School Drive

Providing School Supplies for Distance Learning

August 27, 2020

CIMI received a grant from the IRONAID (IRONMAN) COVID19 Support Foundation for our Back-to-School Drive. In the past, members of the CIMI community had volunteered at the registration tent for the Santa Cruz Ironman event in September.

This year’s back-to-school drive is different. In the past CIMI Back to School Drives, the students received a backpack with school supplies for themselves as well as a duffle bag with classroom supplies for their favorite teacher. This year the students received a kit. In addition to the usual school supplies, the emphasis on the kit content is on personal health and safety while adapting to distance learning.

Thanks to the generous grant from the Ironman Foundation, CIMI purchased and assembled these back to school kits:

  • 25 Grade School back to school supply kits

  • 20 Middle School back to school supply kits

  • 18 High School back to school supply kits

  • 2 College aged back to school supply kits

  • 15 Noise canceling headsets

  • Hand sanitizers

  • Reusable/Washable Face Masks (2 per each student)

In addition, CIMI provided $300 worth of refreshments (muffins and apple juice). CIMI may be featured in one of the IRONAID segments during the IRONMAN Virtual Race! Take a look at the video link below.

The back-to-school kits were distributed on August 22, 2020. There were seven CIMI volunteers who efficiently managed the distribution of the kits to 65 students in a safe, socially-distanced way at the Brenda Lopez Memorial Plaza in San Jose. The kits were pre-labeled with the student names. Volunteers handed out the back-to-school kits when recipients gave their names and standing safe distance away.

Some students received Performance-based rewards. CIMI awarded the top 15 students who had the best scores in the CIMI Run/Walk program with noise canceling headsets. This will help them concentrate on their school work during distance learning. Congratulations to those students who focused on both their mental and physical health in consistently walking with their family members this summer.

You can view more photos here

You can check out our video here:

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