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Cleaning Supplies Basket

Helpful Something for Moms

November 15, 2021

This year CIMI gave supplies baskets (tote bags) consisting of practical items such as disinfectants, tissues, and cleaning supplies to families instead of backpacks full of school supplies. Why? We didn’t want to duplicate things provided by other organizations and the need for the usual school supplies were different during the transition from online to in-person instruction at various schools.

Families who actively participated in the run/walk program this season received the CIMI supplies basket. These families showed commitment to their health by walking or running three times per week and tracked their progress in the Strava app.

CIMI gave the girls who participated in the coding class the joy of giving -- the girls got to give their favorite teachers a basket!

Amy selected her favorite teacher to give this basket. He appreciated the supplies he could use in his classroom!

Perla’s mom expressed appreciation on behalf of the teacher who received a basket too.

Many thanks for the very complete basket that my daughter Perla Leon received for her teacher. He is very grateful and happy for everything that was sent to him. - Maria Villicana

Thank you Cimi for allowing me to participate in the walks that are of great benefit to our health. They motivate us and reward us with cleaning products, disinfectants, face masks etc ... which are very timely and very useful for the whole family. My whole family and I thank you with all our hearts and send you infinite blessings! - Pelach Mora

I want to thank CIMI and all her team for the cleaning supplies that they gave us for me and my family, to be very helpful, I thank them a lot, Aracely grasias, also for always looking for a way to help each family God bless you for the support that you always give us. - Maria Villicana

CIMI, Inc.

P.O. Box 1743, Los Gatos, CA, 95031

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